Sports Premium Statement 2018-2019

Sport Premium Statement – Blackwell Primary

The sport premium is an allocation of additional funding from the Department for Education, given to every school with primary age children to support the development of Physical Education, School Sport and Competition. This money is ring-fenced and is due to be provided for the next two academic years.

All schools are required to report on the amount of funding received and how this is being used, as well as the impact this is having on pupils.

For 2018-2019, Blackwell Primary School is due an allocation of £15,252

For 2018-2019, this money will be used as follows:

Mid Sussex Active Membership; our local School Sports Partnership that provide a wide and varied service.

COST £4,000  


     This includes:

  • Organising competitions and festivals including opportunities for children from year 1-6.
  • Providing a programme of Professional Development for members of our staff that need support as well as for local coaches that work within our area and our school.
  • Providing specialist advice and support from our local secondary school.
  • Support for developing young sports leaders within our school which allows us to introduce and extend competitive opportunities in our own school.
  • Training and deploying Sports Leaders from our local secondary school that both enhance the activities we send students to, as well as providing activities within our school to a wide range of children.
  • See for further information and reports about events/training/calendar etc…


  • Increased range of opportunities
  • Increased pupil participation in competitive activities
  • Improved pupil attitudes to PE
  • Increased pupil awareness of opportunities available in the community
  • Increased staff knowledge and understanding
  • More sustainable workforce
  • Enhanced quality of provision
  • The sharing of best practice
  • Positive impact on middle leadership
  • Improved standards

  • MSA partners report
  • CPD records
  • Schools data collection / registers
  • School Games data
  • Kitemark evidence

Activate EG Project

COST £1,800

(Payable termly)

Payment to join Activate; an organisation that provides high quality sports coaching to children in primary schools using links with local East Grinstead Sports Clubs. This includes coaches in netball, football, dance, gymnastics, sports hall athletics, cross country, multi skills, hockey, rugby, tennis, cricket and tri golf.
  • Continued improvement to positive attitudes to health/well-being & PE and PA
  • Increased pupil awareness of opportunities available in the community
  • Specialist coaches
  • Festival with direct coaching from local clubs

CPD Supply

COST £ 7,000


PE Leaders Meetings x 3 (1.5 day’s Supply Teacher)

PE Subject Leaders ‘Outstanding PE Lessons’ (1 day Supply Teacher)

PE conference (1 day Supply Teacher)

PE Subject Leaders Course ‘Assessment without Levels’ (1 day Supply Teacher)

Dance CPD KS1 (1 day’s Supply Teacher for Year 1)

PE Handover meeting at the start of academic year

PE strategy meeting x3

3x NQT release days opportunities for CPD

“Legacy” PE Curriculum training for whole staff

  • Subject Leaders network at cluster PE Meetings, plan future events and reflect on past events.
  • Keep up to date with new initiatives and strategies in PE.
  • More confident and competent staff
Enhanced quality of teaching and learning
  • New scheme of work as part of the legacy curriculum to enhance learning and teaching confidence and impact on pupils’ fundamental skill development
  • New fundamental skills curriculum for learning system, without levels training
  • Staff able to implement and review external opportunity experiences


COST £ 710


Review of resources ready for using in:

  • Curriculum time
  • Play time – enhance PA opportunities
  • Sports Crew delivery opportunities
  • Children were talked through and Sports Crew involved in the process of identifying equipment that would be helpful.
  • Children engaging positively with the equipment that was used correctly and effectively.
  • Feedback from staff and pupils

    Sports’ Leaders


    COST £ 280


Sports Crew Training.

We sent 8 children from year 5 to attend a half day course to become part of our newly formed Sports Crew who will set up and run competitive challenges for younger children in the school.

(Full Day Supply Teacher - JDS and DD £140)

  • Increased intra-school competition at KS1 and lower KS2.
  • Leadership Skills developed including, planning, communication and organisations skills.
  • Sports Crew beginning to timetable their leadership opportunities in the playground – especially Summer 2
  • Organising, with current Y6 Sports Crew, for Sports Day 2019

    More OSH Opportunities


    COST £ 290


Continue with after school football club opportunities.

Buy 2, 6ftx12ft Footballs Goals £

Review OSH opportunities in school.

  • KS2 Pupils are physically active for longer in the week.
  • Working parents find OSH clubs useful for childcare.
  • Increased participation in after-school clubs.
  • Children use age appropriate equipment.
  • Increased numbers of children have taken part in football club.

Team Teaching

COST £ 500


Team teaching with the JDS/DD/additional coach to prepare children for the following competitions:

Football League

Netball League

Area Sports Competition

Key Steps Gymnastics

  • More confident and competent staff
  • Enhanced quality of teaching and learning
  • Children gain positive experience from competition and more likely to continue the sport and join a club.
  • 15 children attended inter-school football competitions.
  • 12 children attended inter-school netball competitions
  • Children more confident and competent when competing. Children smiling and having fun.

Increased Competition

COST £872


Children need to be accompanied to fixtures and festivals, this requires us to cover costs of covering the member of staff taking them. This year this has included:

East Grinstead School Cross Country Race (3 Hours TA Rate)

East Grinstead Schools Swimming Gala (3 Hours TA Rate)

Netball matches (TA 18 hours)

Football matches (TA 8 hours)

Area Sports Athletics Competition (2 x TA 4 hours)

Key Steps Gym Competition (3 hours TA cover)

Tag Rugby Festival (2 x 1 day supply teacher)

Girls Football Tournament (3 hours TA cover)

Tennis Tournament Year3/4 (3 hours TA cover)

TRI Golf festival (3 hours TA cover)

  • Increased numbers of children from KS2 have taken part in inter-school competition.
  • Children have opportunities to take part in a wide range of sporting competition.
  • If children have a positive experience at these competitions they are more likely to want to join a community club and continue into their teenage years and adulthood.
  • Children are engaged on physical activity, rather than being sedentary.
  • Children learn to accept the outcomes of competition.
  • Children to learn to perform under pressure.
  • Children learn to prepare and practice for competition.
  • Without the SSP funding the children would not have this opportunity, as the school would not be able to pay for staff to accompany them or pay the administration costs involved in inviting children to take part and transporting them there.
  • Number of participants in each event:

Country Race -

Swimming Gala -

Netball matches -

Football matches -

Netball Festival -

Tag Rugby Festival -

Girls Football Tournament -

Tennis Tournament Year3/4 - 8

Area Sports Day -


   Total: £ 15,252