Vision Statement

Blackwell Primary School has a good reputation and it is the governors’ plan to build and enhance this.

Our vision is to provide the children of Blackwell School and the surrounding area with an outstanding education. We aim to promote every child’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development as well as excellence in academic achievement, providing positive experiences in a wide range of sports, arts and other cultural opportunities.

We aim to:

● Develop the Governing Body to provide more challenge, rigour and strategic support to the school

● Develop a more visible and transparent style of governorship within the school community

● Build sustainable and supportive links between governors and school staff

● Progressively improve our Ofsted inspection ratings

● Improve our year on year achievement levels

The Governing Body is made up of a cross section of local people who freely volunteer their time. They meet at least twice each term to discuss a wide range of school issues. There are a number of areas of specific responsibility, which have allocated Lead Governors.  In addition, every governor is connected to one of the classes in the school.  To find out more about our Governing Body click here to read their individual governor profiles.